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Switching to renewables like solar panels and heat pumps doesn’t just reduce your carbon footprint; it can also lower your energy bills. With renewables providing around 43% of the UK’s electricity now, there’s never been a better time to make the switch. In fact, solar panels alone could save you up to £580 annually.

Why not visit our showroom? We offer a range of high-quality and innovative renewable products that are perfect for both residential and commercial use.Our team can help you understand how each product works and what it can offer you in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings.

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g&m heating
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boiler electricals
g&m heating
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Solar Energy

Our range of solar panels utilise ‘wet’ systems – where the sun’s energy is used to heat water, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to meet your hot water and space heating needs.

These types of solar panels are particularly suitable for areas with high levels of sunshine, and can provide significant energy savings compared to traditional heating systems that rely on fossil fuels. Additionally, because wet solar panels use water as the heat transfer fluid, they can provide a more consistent supply of hot water throughout the day, without the fluctuations that can occur with other types of systems.

If you’re looking for a renewable and efficient way to heat your home or provide hot water, wet solar panels are an excellent choice.

Air Source Heating

ASHPs extract heat from the outside air in a process that’s similar to how a refrigerator extracts heat from its interior. They can do this even when the outside temperature is quite low. The collected heat is then increased in temperature through a compressor and transferred into your home’s heating and hot water circuits.

ASHPs use less fossil fuel, cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.  Especially if you’re replacing conventional electric heating, an ASHP can lead to significant savings on your energy bills.

Ground Source Heating

Ground source heating systems are a highly efficient and eco-friendly way to heat homes and buildings. As a plumbing and heating specialist, we have many years of experienced in supplying and installing these systems.

Ground source heating works by harnessing the natural heat stored in the ground and transferring it into a building. This is achieved through a series of pipes buried in the ground that circulate a mixture of water and antifreeze, which is then pumped into a heat exchanger in the building. Here, the heat is extracted from the fluid and used to warm the air or water for heating and hot water purposes.

One of the biggest advantages of ground source heating is that they can significantly reduce energy bills and carbon emissions. By using renewable energy, they can help to reduce the reliance on traditional fossil fuels and lower the carbon footprint of a property.

With years of experience in supplying & installing ground source heating systems, we can provide expert advice and guidance to help you get the most out of this sustainable heating solution.

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We truly believe in making choices that are better for the environment and are proud to bring you products from brands we trust. See our extensive range of products, or contact us to place an order or discuss your requirements.